Design Competition

In May 2005, the Stockholm County Council decided to stage a design competition to invite visionary thinking, modern design and unconventional ideas to form the basis of the creation of the new hospital.

The design competition had two purposes; one was to produce a highly qualitative proposal as a foundation for the realization of the new university hospital, and the other to contract consultant services for the continuing assignment.

The main tasks of the design competition were:

  • to describe an all-embracing concept for the identity of the facility and organisation of the buildings in conjunction with the surroundings.
  • to, on the basis of a number of issues, illustrate how the area, buildings and premises can be arranged for healthcare, research and education.
  • to interpret the outer and inner environments on the basis on highly placed ethical and aesthetic demands.

Of the five comprehensive solutions presented, a jury chose the winner to be “Forum Karolinska”, presented by White Architects in Stockholm, Sweden.

Subsequent to later decisions, the winning entry in the design competition, the Forum Karolinska, has been defined as the basis of a reference hospital in the procurement process. The Forum Karolinska provides a benchmark for comparison to competing bids for the construction, management and financing of the new university hospital.