The PPP-procurement Process

The New Karolinska Solna University Hospital has been subject to the procurement process as a PPP project.

Establishing a new hospital with a PPP solution (Private Public Partnership) is a method developed in the UK and successfully implemented in several other countries around the world.

The benefit of the model is that the risk of delays as well as increased costs are minimized when these risks are transferred to the contractor to a large extent. Also, the contractor is responsible for facility management for an extended period of time after the completion of buildings. This ensures that long-term and life-cycle perspectives are implemented in the building process.

Another benefit is that the procurement model allows for innovation, i.e. that the contractor has the possibility to implement better solutions, new technology and improvements during the building process.

An invitation to qualify for bidding for the New Karolinska Solna PPP-project was initiated in October 2008.

Qualified bidders were given until September 30 in 2009 to provide their offers.

The procurement process was concluded with financial close between the Stockholm County Council and the project company Swedish Hospital Partners, in June 2010.