ICT Infrastructure

The ICT Infrastructure (Information and Communication Technology) of the New Karolinska Solna (NKS) shall be considered, upon an international comparison, both modern and of a high standard with regard to infrastructure, systems, applications and equipment.

For the most part, the ICT Infrastructure at NKS is not included in the PPP Agreement (Public Private Partnership) for the design, construction, financing and operation of the new hospital and thus, most of the equipment will be procured separately.

Key words in the ICT procurements include mobility, safety, flexibility, interoperability and robustness.

Please note; all procurements will be announced on the SLL Amesto procurement portal which is the offical announcement site.

ICT procurement projects Status
- ICT Infrastructure Process completed
- AV solutions and equipment Process completed
- Patient notification system Process completed
- Messaging service system Process completed


Contact Information

Project Director ICT, Stockholm County Council
Thomas Wedegren
E-mail: thomas.wedegren@sll.se

Project Manager ICT, Karolinska University Hospital
Christer Nilsson
E-mail: christer.nilsson@karolinska.se