Our vision – patient-focused care

The future plans for health and medical care cover all care services in all parts of the County of Stockholm and constitute the county council’s biggest investment ever. In the future, the care services will function as a network around the patient. Care will be cohesive, clear, easily accessible and close to the patient. Patients will have greater possibilities to choose their care provider and GP surgeries, the Care Guide (“Vårdguiden”) and other forms of e-health services will continue to play an important role in the future. New Karolisnka Solna will be part of the cohesive care system that puts the patient first and creates new prerequisites for the most advanced forms of medical care. NKS will be a new university hospital that integrates care, research and education for future breakthroughs in research.

Work on operative content for New Karolinska Solna
The NKS Administration of the time began the work of developing underlying documentation and proposals for healthcare at NKS in 2009.

Since January 2012, Karolinska University Hospital has been responsible for planning and implementing all operative content for NKS. This important work is carried out by a special Programme office at Karolinska, in close cooperation with the Programme office at the Health and Medical Care Administration within Stockholm County Council.

A concrete proposal regarding the operational content for NKS was completed in the spring 2013 and further on decided by the County Council Assembly on the 12th of June 2013. 

Focus of future healthcare at New Karolinska Solna
New Karolinska Solna is being built as a modern university hospital where patients will receive care for the most complicated illnesses and accidents. Similarly, the emergency department will accommodate those who need the type of advanced care offered at New Karolinska Solna.

There will be three routes for admission of patients to the hospital’s emergency department: ambulance/helicopter, referral or return visits. This means that the emergency department for adults in New Karolinska Solna will receive around 20-25 000 visits annually as opposed to the current 70 000 visits. Emergency care of children in New Karolinska Solna is still under consideration.

The Plan for the Future of Healthcare describes the areas of healthcare that have been considered best for New Karolinska Solna, e.g. highly specialised care of cancer, heart patients and acute traumas. In the New Karolinska Solna, there will be room for around 730 inpatients in total. Apart from the main building of New Karolinska Solna, patients will also be admitted e.g. to Astrid Lindgren Children’s Hospital which is included in the plan.