Final building completed in New Karolinska Solna project

The treatment building has now been completed, three months ahead of schedule, and the entire New Karolinska Solna construction project has now come to an end. Karolinska University Hospital will be providing various forms of cancer treatment in the building.

Certain methods require heavy medical technology equipment and this places considerable demands on the building’s construction and materials. A separate treatment building has therefore been constructed just to the north of the main hospital building. It will be equipped with among other things, eight radiation bunkers, computer tomography devices and a magnetic resonance imaging scanner.

Preparations are now underway for moving in and the first step is to fill the building with furniture and equipment. The first patients will be received in the spring of 2018.

The building has 79 care rooms (single rooms) and five of these are radiation-proofed and equipped for radiation therapy and brachytherapy. The building has two entrances: a main entrance from the south, Akademiska stråket 13, which leads to the out-patient unit, clinics, the lab test centre and a café, and a separate entrance from Anna Streckséns gata 41 that leads directly to the radiotherapy department. Both personnel and patients can easily continue to the main building via two glazed pedestrian bridges. At the very top of the ten-storied building is a physical activity room for in-patients.