Photo: Kristoffer Marchi

Photo: Kristoffer Marchi

New hospital building completed

One of Europe’s most sustainable and modern university hospitals has now been completed. Moving in will soon begin.

The hospital, which will provide highly specialized care to citizens throughout the county, is already partly operational. The Cardiovascular theme and the Children’s and Women’s Health theme moved into the two eastern-most buildings in November last year. Since then, construction of another three buildings has continued and the hospital is now finished – and on schedule.

The three west sections of the main building have been officially handed over to Stockholm County Council. Karolinska University Hospital can now begin the task of transferring large parts of its activities and operations in Solna to the new hospital building. The first patients will be received in 2018.

Clinics and out-patient care will move into the building nearest Solnavägen during the first part of next year. This will be an important part of Karolinska University Hospital’s day care initiative. The hospital is currently developing methods for highly specialized day care that at the same time guarantees patient safety. The goal is for at least half of the care at the hospital to be provided during the same day by 2020. This includes both medical treatments and surgical interventions.

The Neuro and Inflammation and Infection themes will move into the other two buildings in fall 2018. Trauma and Regenerative Medicine, which among other things comprises trauma care, will be located in several places around the hospital.

The project also includes another building. This is a treatment building situated north of the main building. It will be completed at the end of the year and will be home to most of the Cancer theme and will be the final building in the NKS project.

Planning for moving in is meticulous and incorporates lessons learned from the first move. The focus is always on patient safety.