Brief facts about the new hospital

The hospital main entrance hall will have a ceiling height of three storeys with a light and airy interior courtyard.

The hospital will carry out highly specialized and specialized care with a focus on effective patient flows, high levels of patient safety e.g. with single rooms for all inpatients, and increased collaboration between health care, research and training.

  • The total new build area (BTA) is approximately 330 000 square metres.
  • Up to 12 floors, including 1-2 basement floors with parking spaces, staff changing rooms, logistics and goods delivery. A heliport with space for two helicopters.
  • In total 730 in-patient beds, of which; 
    - 550 in the main healthcare building (84 of these are designed for intensive care).
    - 80 in the treatment building
    - About 86 in the existing Thoracic building
  • 100 rooms for day care.
  • 36 operating theaters (inkluding 3 "hybrid" theaters), 66 pre-/post op beds, 8 radiation therapy rooms (accelerators) as well as rooms for imaging and functional diagnostics.
  • 168 out-patient clinic rooms.
  • The investment cost is 14.5 billion SEK including construction, contractor costs, credit costs, demolition, etc. The cost does not include medical technology equipment.
  • Start of the first medical care operations in November 2016.