More about the new hospital

The most important key term for the New Karolinska Solna is “patients first”. This means that the entire planning of the hospital is based on what is best for the patient.

All the rooms for inpatients are private rooms with large WC/shower. There is also space for relatives to rest or stay overnight.

Humane and patient safe surroundings
All inpatient rooms are harmoniously designed single rooms with WC/shower. Single rooms provide increased safety, integrity and comfort. There will also be space for relatives to stay overnight.

The care team can work directly with the patient and the number of bed transportations can be significantly reduced.  The separation of public and professional zones further protects the safety and integrity of patients.

Waiting lounge in the southern facade, overlooking the new square in Hagastaden.

Close connection
The New Karolinska Solna will be considerably more condensed than today's Karolinska, where many buildings and activities are quite spread out. The New Karolinska Solna will be created with close links between the reception, the care units, imaging, laboratories, and surgical devices for example. Close relationships and effective transportation and logistics will also be forged between the care and research facilities, both within the New Karolinska University Hospital and directly relating to the Karolinska Institutet.

Shared resources
The New Karolinska Solna will create favorable conditions for rapid knowledge transfer between basic research, clinical research and specialized care, and translational research. The increasingly important connection between them requires a concentration of resources and expertise. Much of the equipment and multi-disciplinary expertise must be used jointly in order to obtain higher efficiency.