NKS Showroom

In the NKS Showroom we tell the story about New Karolinska Solna. With the help of film, images and an interactive model you will learn more about the New Karolinska Solna project and the future healthcare system. We arrange guided tours in the showroom for students, companies, organizations and conference visitors. You are also welcome to visit the showroom on your own without pre-booking during our public opening hours.  NKS Showroom closed permanently on 22 December 2017.


Opening hours (closed on public holidays):

Monday – Thursday 08.30–11.00 Pre-booked visits
  12.00–15.30 Public opening hours
  15.30–17.00 Pre-booked visits
Friday 08.30–11.00 Pre-booked visits
  11.00–14.00 Public opening hours
  14.00–17.00 Pre-booked visits


NKS Showroom closed permanently on 22 December 2017.


Information and booking:
For more information please contact Oscar Mannerström, Showroom Coordinator at NKS Showroom on:
tel. +46 (0) 10-448 07 57 or e-mail: nks.showroom@skanska.se

Mock-up rooms
It is now possible to visit the mock-up rooms that are located in the same premises as NKS Showroom. Here visitors can see full-scale copies of a few different rooms in the new hospital. The mock-up rooms have been built within the PPP agreement. During the construction of the new hospital, the mock-up rooms have been used to try different materials and finishes. In addition, the clinical design and some equipment have also been tested here.

The mock-up rooms have the same opening hours as NKS Showroom.

Getting here:
The NKS Showroom is situated to the right of the Karolinska University Hospital Main Entrance, in the same building (K1) as "Restaurang Karolina". Download map (PDF).

You can take either of the following buses in order to get to the NKS Showroom: No 3, 59, 73, 77, 506, 507, 508 and 607. Get off at bus stop "Karolinska sjukhuset" which is the main entrance to the hospital.

Car parking within the hospital area is very limited and parking spaces are primarily reservated for patients and visitors to the Karolinska University Hospital.  


Photographer: Mats Gus Gustavsson