Our Motto and Project Goals


Patient always first is the New Karolinska Solna's motto. This means that anything that is created, built and organized within the framework of the project always puts the patient first, and is based on the patient's perspecitve.

Project Goals

  1. Health care, research and education shall be integrated to such an extent that they efficiently support the development and dissemination of knowledge for the treatment of severly ill and injured patients.
  2. The project shall create attractive and humane environments with high architectural values, both within and around the hospital.
  3. The health care processes shall be made more efficient, and the utilisation of resources shall be optimised.
  4. The project shall work as much as possible with generally applicable solutions permitting continuous operational development.
  5. The hospital and its activities shall be allotted a prioritised and clear role in the city.
  6. The project shall work on all levels from a sustainability perspective.